Saturday, 13 May 2017

Fossil Free Uganda Launched At Makerere University Art Gallery

Friday12th May, 2017
A group of over 70 students from Makerere University and community members from around Kampala city gathered at the University Art gallery for the first Global Divestment Mobilization campaign in the country dubbed Fossil Free Uganda. The event was aimed at raising awareness about the harm paused by fossil fuel and to launch the Fossil Free movement in the country. In attendance also was Masereka Charles the founder and CEO, Youth Agribusiness Fraternity Uganda, a strong climate justice advocacy group in Kampala as well as Joseph Mwogeza, Waluya Paul and Sseggujja John Mary from Girls For Climate
The group watched documentary film about about the wreckage that fossil fuels have caused onto mother earth.
John Hillary Balyejusa, the event lead organizer held an interactive session further discussing the cons of fossil energy and urgent need to divest from it stressing their role in causing the current climate crisis affecting the country. He also spoke of Uganda's obligation to honor the Paris agreement which demands for and end to establishment of new oil projects. Together with the crowd, he explored the various sources of renewable energy and how we can demand our authorities to consider renewables over fossil fuels. During this session, the group asked about how they can be engaged in the advocating for a fossil free Uganda and were encouraged to strongly undertake a campaign to demand their institutions to divest as a tool to weaken fossil fuel companies
The evening was spiced up with coffee, snacks and various poetry performances. Wake Mwana Weika, in his poem spoke of the lack of food and water faced by his people in Pallisa district. His poem called upon the crowd to embrace environmental conservation and desist from projects that destroy the earth's climatic balance. Nsubuga Devis recited a poem reminding the audience of the good times he experienced growing up. He played in the rain with friends, but now there is hardly enough rain to support crop production.
Daniel Omara in his poem wondered why no one is concerned with the state of our environment. He criticized the burning of polythene bags and asked for responsible action from everyone towards protection of the planet. Whoesh a luganda rapper treated to crowd to a thrilling perfomance about the beauty of the planet and the need to protect it. Other poets for the evening were Stella, Derrick Achellam, Aaron Kayondo, Shama, Allan the poetic dancer, Brian Kirya and Agaba Ivan

At 10:00PM, the group took a group photo and many people willingly signed up for the fossil free Uganda Movement.


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