Thursday, 21 April 2016

Awareness Campaign


The world is today experiencing the worst climate crisis in history. Good news is that many people seem more mindful about this climate change problem than they were a few years ago. However in Uganda and certainly many other places, a big number of people continue to live as though there is no problem at all. They continue to have a lavish reckless life. This is not helping the situation.
When the climate changes, all humanity suffer but sadly, girls and women seem to suffer the most. This happens in many ways but most vividly, food shortage seems to affects girls and women more than boys and men.

It is for this reason that a group of girls has started the campaign GIRLS FOR CLIMATE. This campaign is meant to raise awareness about the global climate crisis in our local communities and to encourage an Eco friendly lifestyle among the population but especially the young energetic generation that doesn't seem concerned about climate

Girls are hit the most, so they should fight hardest. The resilience of girls is very important in solving real world problems like climate climate change.
No doubt we need a solution to mitigate the global crisis but what we need the most is for the entire population to become more mindful about this crisis 


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